HVLS Installation


HVLS Fans can save energy costs and increase productivity while respecting the environment!

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans, is a type of mechanical fan greater than 7 ft (2.1.m) in diameter. HVLS Fans move slowly and distribute Large amount of air allow rotational speed. Conventional ceiling fans our on totally opposite principle of Low Volume High Speed.



  • Suitable for Workshop I buildings bigger then 2500 Sq. Ft & roof height more then 18 ft.
  • Uniform Air distribution. Air Quality – Breeze Air (A Gentle Wind).
  • Irritation less Longer hours exposure. (Workers can workcomfortably for 5-12 hours)
  • Reduced Power consumption. (30% to 70%) *R0I in Two years.
  • Reduced Capital cost on Ventilation Equipment.
  • Added Aesthetics.
  • The human body feels 4 to 5 degree less It is called wind chill effect.” The air ‘feels’ colder than it is because of the chilling effect of the wind on the skin.”